How to invest in Crypto using company funds?

Legal and accounting perspectives

How to invest in Crypto using company funds?

Discover the Potential of Cryptocurrencies for Your Business!

Have you heard about cryptocurrencies and were wondering how they might fit into your company's investment strategy? We invite you to join us in an exclusive webinar dedicated to this fascinating topic. Learn how blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies can open new horizons for your business and how you can navigate this dynamic and opportunity-filled field.

Expertise and Actionable Knowledge

During this webinar, you will have the opportunity to listen to specialists with extensive experience in the field of cryptocurrencies, focusing on topics that are not answered online - crypto accounting for companies and legal implications. This webinar is not just an information exchange, but a real opportunity to broaden your horizons and add value to your business.

Q&A - you can ask questions before, during, and after the webinar!

This is the time to ask the questions that have concerned you and receive concrete answers, adapted to the needs of your business. You can submit your questions through this form ūüď© before the webinar, and we'll do our best to answer them all live on the webinar. For questions that don't fit, we've prepared a series of Q&A sessions for the weeks after the webinar!

Join us and explore the world of cryptocurrencies! Register now to secure your place at this webinar essential to the future of your business!


  • Oana Dragomir
    Lawyer, Founder of New Legal Way
  • Eliza Grigore
    Accounting expert and tax consultant, Strategic Expert's founder
  • Valentina Saygo
    Accounting expert/Tax consultant
    Entrepreneur & Managing Partner Ask for Tax Free
  • Victor Buju
    Partner Buju Stanciu & Associations
  • Sergiu Vasilescu
    VD Law Group's Managing Partner


Marius Morra
TOKERO's CEO/Co-Founder

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O√Ļ¬†: YouTube Live
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