Crypto Mayors Webinar - May 2024

Crypto Mayors Webinar - May 2024

Crypto mayors, assemble!

Halving has come and gone, the Easter mini-holiday is gone and the world is back to its usual chaos. It's time to get moving!

As you know, we have completed the first $TOKERO token purchase period and the first round of the TOKERO Affiliate Program, which although it was just a first step in this new journey, we can say that it brought us many valuable information...

However, this was just the beginning! I've carefully reviewed everything that worked as well as those elements that failed to perform during this testing period and I can't wait to present the new ideas that will make Crypto Mayors the most vibrant community of crypto specialists!

We have prepared a fresh, energizing direction that I am absolutely convinced will spark your interest and desire to get more actively involved than ever in the TOKERO partnership. More levels of collaboration, consistent commissions, surprise rewards, more opportunities for growth, more resources through which you can transform in record time from crypto bros to crypto heroes and make your hobby a successful career.

Did I pique your curiosity? I look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday evening, at 7:00 PM EET on Zoom, where we will go into detail about what Crypto Mayors 2.0 is all about and what it can become.

Let's revolutionise the crypto world together!


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And don't forget: Sky is no more the limit! 🔥

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