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Ta-da is a trailblazing Talk-to-Earn Web3 application and digital marketplace revolutionizing the field of voice data collection and AI training. Founded by William Simonin, a distinguished entrepreneur featured in Forbes France 30 Under 30, Ta-da is an offshoot of Vivoka, a prominent French AI company specializing in voice technologies.

Ta-da's essence lies in its thriving ecosystem where businesses effortlessly connect with individuals who earn tokens by sharing their voice data. This ingenious platform propels AI innovation while empowering users to monetize their involvement in data collection tasks.


Operating as a bridge between businesses and contributors, Ta-da facilitates a smooth process:

Companies → These stakeholders initiate tasks on the Ta-da app, spanning from training voice assistants to fine-tuning speech recognition algorithms. Each task is meticulously tailored to address specific business requirements, fueling the demand for superior voice data.

Producers → Tasked with generating data, Producers execute micro-tasks as specified by companies. By recording their voices and completing designated assignments, Producers contribute indispensable data for AI advancements.

Checkers → Ensuring data integrity and accuracy, Checkers diligently authenticate submissions made by Producers. Through a meticulous validation process, Checkers maintain the high standards set by Ta-da, preserving the quality of the dataset.

Upon successful validation, participants receive rewards in Ta-da's native currency, $TADA, as recognition for their valuable contributions.

In addition to its core features, Ta-da integrates gamification elements to boost user engagement and cultivate a dynamic community ecosystem:

Personalized Avatars → Users are introduced to Tadz, adaptable robotic avatars that act as their digital companions within the Ta-da universe. Users can customize their Tadz with cosmetic upgrades and functional enhancements, tailoring them to reflect individual tastes and preferences.

Competitive League System → Embracing friendly competition, Ta-da incorporates a league system that motivates users to excel in their contributions. Through spirited contests and performance-based metrics, users strive for top rankings on the leaderboard, receiving accolades and rewards for their achievements.

Skill Advancement → Ta-da enables users to level up and acquire valuable skills to increase their productivity and earning potential. Attributes like Endurance, Agility, and Luck significantly impact users' abilities within the platform, offering a roadmap to mastery and growth.

Moreover, Ta-da advocates for community-oriented initiatives by redistributing earnings across three vital categories: Ta-da's treasury, staking, and the prize pool. Through strategic allocation and incentivization mechanisms, Ta-da cultivates a sustainable and equitable ecosystem where every participant has a chance to thrive.

With an expanding user base exceeding 10,000 beta testers and over 5 million tasks accomplished, Ta-da is well-positioned to transform voice data collection and AI training globally. As the digital marketplace continues to progress, Ta-da remains at the vanguard of innovation, driving substantial advancements in AI technology while empowering individuals to uncover new horizons of economic opportunity.


William Simonin is the chairman of Ta-da. He is a notable entrepreneur recognized for his achievements, including being featured in Forbes France 30 Under 30, as mentioned before. As the founder of Vivoka, a French-based AI company focusing on voice technologies, William Simonin brings valuable expertise to Ta-da's leadership.

Valentin Thouron, the CEO of Ta-da, leads the strategic direction of the company, leveraging his expertise in AI and voice technologies to drive innovation and growth. Thouron's leadership plays a crucial role in shaping Ta-da's vision and mission in the evolving blockchain landscape.

Florian Guichon serves as the COO (Chief Operating Officer) of Ta-da. In this role, he oversees the day-to-day operations of the company, ensuring efficiency and alignment with strategic goals. Guichon brings his expertise in operations management to Ta-da, playing a vital role in its growth and success in the Web3 space.


Ta-da emerges as a pioneering force in the realm of Talk-to-Earn Web3 applications. The platform's dynamic ecosystem connects businesses and individuals, transforming the landscape of voice data collection and AI training.

Ta-da's intuitive platform and groundbreaking features, such as customizable avatars, competitive leagues, and skill development, cultivate an engaged community of contributors united by shared objectives of innovation and economic advancement. With a burgeoning user base and impressive achievements under its belt, Ta-da is primed to pioneer the future of AI technology and decentralized marketplaces.

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