Elrond becomes MultiversX


Translated by Elena-Octavia Mateescu

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TOKERO joins efforts with ELROND and switches to MultiversX

As Marius Morra announced in the article dedicated to the X Day Paris event, Elrond becomes MultiversX. So it's time for us to make this transition to the TOKERO platform. As of today, all information regarding our partnership with MultiversX (previously Elrond) has been updated.

TOKERO joins efforts with ELROND and transitions to MultiversX, a powerful, secure and scalable blockchain network designed to enable new and innovative applications. This shift comes as a natural consequence of the evolution of blockchain technology and the need to provide better and more secure services to users and enable new technologies and possibilities.

Our vision for MultiversX is to create an elegant and powerful expression for a positive, complementary, and perhaps even magical interplay between the physical world and the Metaverse world. One where both worlds are explored and expanded to their maximum potential, co-existing harmoniously, not as replacements but as significant complements. This is what we call the Multiverse. The power of X takes this idea to its outer limit, in scope, scale, variation, and richness. It speaks of the endless worlds we are about to create, and the boundless imagination, richness and variation we will play with”, announced the MultiversX team here.

We are excited to be part of this journey and will continue to provide quality service to our users through this innovative new technology. We are confident that this partnership will bring remarkable things and we are curious what new possibilities will be discovered.

We would like to congratulate ELROND for this upgrade to MultiversX and express our appreciation for the strong collaboration we have had so far. We are sure that this partnership will continue to be both powerful and productive in the future.